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LV Advisory is a subsidiary of the financial service group LarrainVial, which was founded in 1934 and operates in Chile, Peru, Colombia and The United States of America. LV Advisory is the sponsor of a wrap fee program.

LV Advisory acts as a non-discretionary investment adviser to its clients. Based on a suitability analysis of a client’s goals, assets and future needs, LV Advisory may refer the client to one or more unaffiliated U.S. registered investment advisers (each, a “U.S. Portfolio Manager”) for the purpose of investing in U.S. and non-U.S. publicly traded equity and debt securities.

Our Client base stems from Larraín Vial S.A. Corredora de Bolsa, a member of LarrainVial Group, which performs an analysis of its clients’ financial profiles, life objectives, investment horizons and risk tolerance, and - based on the recommended portfolio - may recommend that some of its clients become clients of LV Advisory and use a portion of their assets to participate in the program.

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